March 24, 2018 ShiftCarlotte- Monday March 26 I received this message.
It was a pleasure meeting you and spending a few minutes together. I was nervous about past life regression and you made me feel very comfortable during our session. I felt a sense of confidence about the experience I was having and accepted what showed up with no doubts.
(Sounds like a good way to live life to me!)

I read the list of offerings on the Shift website Friday and was drawn to meet with you. I love not having to make so many decisions and just going with the spiritual flow!

Many blessings,
Janet from Charlotte, NC



Theresa is a family member. She has always had a 6th sense about her. I have been a metaphysical student since the late 60's and find that Theresa has a natural ability to help one "drop" into their soul truths. She recently did a past life regression with me, via phone.

 We started with a soul journey: “What does my soul what me to know? The experience felt so safe and comfortable, as I traveled into 3 past lives. I was so THERE that I had a hard time coming back; because I wanted to stay there longer. This was a very pleasant journey for me.

I love to close my eyes and re-experience this journey as I gain more from it each time I do. I recommend Theresa in all of her metaphysical capacities as a teacher and guide. She is kind and nurturing and will bring one to places that feel so right and rewarding. These journeys never end. They just keep on giving.

Rachael Jean Harper Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist and Teacher

December 10, 2016

“Theresa M Gendron is an extraordinary Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner. She has attained the highest level of Soul Coaching® training and is one of a select group of individuals. I have personally trained in my special method of coaching. She creates a safe nurturing environment for discovering the souls truth and those who attend her events experience remarkable transformation in their lives.”
Denise Linn, Founder of Soul Coaching®

November 15, 2016

Clutter Clearing Quest

"I found Theresa's class to be very valuable. The content is  'right on'.

I like the methodology of the course being a several-week class where you can build one skill and understanding upon another and apply and implement the changes one by one.  I like this much better than a single one-shot event where there is no time to apply what is learned - along the lines of "knowledge without works in dead".  And, certainly and especially, I appreciate Theresa's expertise and heartfelt support every step of the way. I was very impressed 

Tom H

Rock Hill SC

Soul Coaching
Dear Theresa,
Thank you for your guidance during our soul coaching session. I especially appreciate your ability to turn the in true intrusion of the everyday world into an opportunity for me to gain sudden insight into the best way for me to break through my blockage.
With deep appreciation and aloha, Patricia

March 7, 2015

Soul Journey and Past Life (bell clearing)

 "While I have done many past lives journeys, Theresa's work with me has unlocked secrets of how I can expand my joy and success in life, in an easy and fun way. Her natural ability to create a safe and sacred space and bell clearing allowed me to access just what I needed at this time.”
Thank you Theresa!
LuAnn Cribik
Feng Shui & Space Clearing
Teacher & Practitioner

March 9, 2015

Soul  Journey
I want to thank Theresa Gendron for the phenomenal soul journey. I was provided with increased insight and positive affirmation as to the path of my new life. 

With love and gratitude,                     

Marian Shockley RN


13 November 2013

"I want to let others know that the use of technology during an overwhelming time was very helpful for me. I asked for help to deal with the death of my baby girl, but I was in another country, so Therese offers me to guide my journeys through Skype. I didn’t have second thoughts about using Skype because I needed help. I can tell you that during our sessions I felt secure and I release a lot of sadness that was inside of me. Help can come in so many ways, and Theresa offered me her guidance to deal with my grief. " Angela - Toronto.


May 10, 2008

Soul Journey
I will never forget the powerful soul journey that I experienced with Theresa guidance and love. Her energy is vibrant, yet gentle.  She is attentive to creating the most sacred and safe space possible for all of her clients. Theresa's insightful and taps into the inner wisdom of the soul.
Margo Heller
Teacher MST, Certified Yoga Instructor
Ramsey New Jersey


8 July 2008

Soul Journey
Theresa and I have recognized that we are on a soul journey together. That we are all one! She is a beautiful, insightful person that works consistently on herself, so that she may help others to remember who they are. She is a blessing in my life and I thank her for being in it.

Cheryl Hendler

Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Johannesburg, South Africa

8 July 2008

Soul Journey

Theresa is a lady, truly in touch with her truth and her soul. Her openness and ability to create safe spaces in which her clients can explore their souls is extraordinary. She attracts people to herself and her energy and makes real connections with those that she teaches and guides. It has been my pleasure to work with Theresa; my spirit and soul having been uplifted and transformed by the experience. I recommend her energy to anyone interested in bringing about positive changes in their lives.
Helen M S
Retired CEO
Old Greenwich Ct USA
Kimton, Herts, UK


July 7, 2008
Dear Theresa,
I enjoyed so much the soul journey experience. You did give me a lot of personal space and your support during this journey. It helped me to discover many options and possibilities open to me.
Edwin Roman
IT Consultant
Orlando Florida USA